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Who We Are

We are three Moroccan tourism activists. We have been dealing with a different ranges of

tourists from all over the world, and that’s over a period of 15 years.
In fact, we dealt mainly with American and British tourists. And having learned they are very fond of
Moroccan crafts and arts we decided to create an online shop to meet their eagerness for
Moroccan culture. In this shop we are exhibiting different kinds of Berber hand-made rug
woven in different areas of Morocco, the Atlas mountains, Sahara, and oases. These are
real pieces of Art telling the stories of the weavers. Berber rugs are generally known as the
newspapers of Berber women, as the tatto
designs, and patterns are not arbitrary but
bear messages, ideas, and stories.
These signs could be sand dunes, mountains, animals, tents, teapots, tagines, green
valleys, hands, pieces of jewelry, and so on. It’s all from the imagination of the weaver. So when you buy a Moroccan
hand-made rug, you are buying a piece of art a story from far away in the desert or the mountains of Morocco This is what makes Moroccan rugs unique
different and very authentic.
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Awards & Achievements
The Philosophy

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